In an old Taoist story, a dismissed emperor's servant comes to an old prophet to ask about the right way of living: is it to live honestly, speak truth, face the authorities and live in poverty, or is it to be submissive and cunning, to gain success? The prophet puts aside his tools: There are questions that nor tortoise shell, nor blade of grass can answer. The work, created during my stay in Seoul is based on such unanswered questions, missing statements, unfinished thoughts. All of this work is a response to Korean experience, sometimes playful, sometimes poetic, sometimes critical. A result of many walks and bicycle rides through the city, trying to portray it, trying to slowly understand it. 5 months stay in Seoul is enough to overcome expectations and preconceived ideas and starting to see deeper causes behind the facade of the city. But not enough to fully understand.
Exhibition in MMCA Residency Changdong, Seoul, 2014

The Library

The Library, 250 x 270 x 300 cm, wood, fabrics, lamp,bamboo
curtain, 36 paintings acrylics and oil on fabrics, 2014
The Library, interior, shelf with paintings-books 
The Tourist (sun and moon), Acrylic on canvas,
100 x 110 cm, 2014
Selection of paintings-books. (approx. 30 x 40 cm each) Each
one has a little story about time and space when and where it
was created written on its back.

The Library from flying fish on Vimeo.